Former President Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonBiden: A good coach knows when to change up the team Perdue proposes election police force in Georgia To boost economy and midterm outlook, Democrats must pass clean energy bill MORE went on the Sunday talk show circus, er, I mean, circuit yesterday to share his views about the Tea Party movement. According to Clinton on CBS's “Face the Nation,” he understands why the group's views have caught fire like kerosene near a match — they're frustrated. They're "getting the shaft," as Clinton so bluntly put it. But he doesn't get it.

After less than two years in office and billions cut in blank checks, President Obama can't seem to turn the economy around. Instead of pointing the finger of blame at his own party, Clinton comes up with some twisted excuse that somehow makes Obama and Democrats the victims. "That the people who caused these problems," Clinton said, "the banks that were responsible for the financial meltdown, they've gotten well again. And everybody has got money again who is in that business, but ordinary people don't."
I'm sorry, Mr. President, but the real reason average Americans don't have that money is because they don't have jobs. And for those who do, Uncle Sam continues to pick their pockets to fund these bloated federal giveaways.
But c'mon, Bill Clinton knows what's really behind the Tea Party movement. He's not dumb. In fact, if ever there was a Democrat more in tune with the frustrations of average Americans, it would be Slick Willie and his "feel your pain" style of politics. There's too much government, and it's not improving the lives of anyone, the least of which are "average Americans." What's more is Bill Clinton knows why the economy turned around on his watch — the dot-com boom. Federal coffers swelled in the trillions when those capital gains taxes started pouring in from the stock market. Why can't we return to those days, President Obama? I believe the average American would be willing to let Obama remain in office if he just let the private sector do its job and create some wealth.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Obama should take a lesson from Clinton in ’94. Following this year's abysmal election outcome, Obama needs his own "era of big government is over" speech and then he needs to scrap it all and start over. It saved Clinton's presidency, and it could very well save Obama's. That's one lesson Clinton "got."
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