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Obama’s anti-business legislation

What will it take for the Obama administration to give small-business owners a break?

With the healthcare bill and small-business loan stimulus package, this
administration is only looking to appease large corporations and the
lobbyists who represent them. The president’s proposed small-business
package will further expand the already out-of-control deficit.

ObamaCare could have been a vehicle to reduce the pressure on
small-business startups, which are inundated with the looming
astronomical cost of healthcare. However, small-businesses startups —
those defined as having fewer than 25 employees, aren’t even apart of
ObamaCare for the first two years.

Large and not small corporations have more access. In effect, if an individual seeking employment is offered $12 an hour working at Starbucks or a startup coffee house, Starbucks has the proxy because it offers health insurance. ObamaCare can’t fathom how this would severely affect small-business owners in the long run.

The small-business stimulus package, to provide finance for loans to small businesses, is just as egregious. Small businesses will be forced to get an I-9 for every purchase they make. In effect, an I-9 is needed to buy a computer from Office Depot. To simplify the process, small-business owners will be channeled to large firms, not other small startups.

If the Obama administration were really serious (which it’s not) about helping small businesses, one could assume that this legislation would have been written to empower the business owners who are responsible for 90 percent of the jobs in our country.

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