It is sad to see. Ron Paul, who joined Sarah Palin in the quitter's club of Republicans by planning to give up his financial subcommittee chairmanship by not running for reelection as Sarah Palin gave up her governership, is the worst possible role model for Republicans with his ridiculous talk that a default would be OK.

Yesterday a far more mature Republican House member, freshman Rep. Nan Hayworth (N.Y.), to her great credit, organized a briefing by S&P about the grave and extreme dangers of default. This is a Republican member of intelligence and depth. I applaud her.

Ron Paul, by contrast, and those House Republicans who join him in the economically insane position that a default would not be a disaster for America, are what I called in my column yesterday "banana Republicans." I encourage all Ron Paul and Tea Party supporters to read that column.

A default would be a disaster for America that could literally crash American and global markets. Ron Paul and others who agree with him should be ashamed and would be largely blamed for their extremism and intransigence if a default actually happens.

Ron Paul should be a statesman, not the leading banana of a banana-republic faction that would do grave damage to our nation and to everyone who reads these words.