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Lech Walesa and Al Gore support Wall Street protests; Tea Party leader endorses bailed-out bank abuses

Great news for the real America. One of history’s great leaders for
jobs, workers and freedom is now supporting the Occupy Wall Street
protest. Lech Walesa has now weighed in, big time, for the good guys.
Meanwhile, one of the most powerful and noble forces in American and
global affairs, former Vice President Al Gore, has given the movement a
major public blast of support.

The Tea Party movement, which is losing support throughout the nation,
is baffled and confused by the real Tea Party movement that represents
the great American tradition and the great American heartland: Occupy
Wall Street.

Amy Kremer, the chairwoman of Tea Party Express, is actually doing interviews endorsing bank and Wall Street abuses! The banks are doing nothing wrong, she says!! The problem is not Wall Street, she claims! It is those trying to reform banks and Wall Street, she asserts, who are the problem!

This is exciting and glorious. The movement on behalf of the American people is gathering support and is empowered today, even more, by Lech Walesa and Al Gore.

The Tea Party movement has lost support for a reason. If its leaders want to endorse Wall Street abuse and banking rip-offs on cable television, my answer is: Make my day.

The real America will ultimately triumph and the great movement is gathering steam.

Three cheers for Lech Walesa!

Thanks again to Al Gore!

For those of you who support big bailouts, and financial rip-offs by those who took those bailouts and paid themselves great fortunes for the honor, you can join the Tea Party while the rest for us battle for the real America.

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