Ron Paul continues his effort to crash the world economy. The only change in recent days is proof positive that major players in both parties are acting as silly and irresponsibly as Dr. Paul. If anyone were foolish enough to follow Paul's advice and destroy any attempt to reach a bipartisan agreement through a committee, every rating agency would downgrade the U.S. The American and world economies and global markets would crash.

Those who parrot the Republican talking points about "Obama's downgrade" are trite, silly, irrelevant and ridiculous. Those who parrot the White House talking points about the "Tea Party downgrade" are equally trite, silly, irrelevant and ridiculous. In this season of silliness and danger to the nation, everyone is acting like Ron Paul.

Personally I have no use for the super-duper supercommittee. I am fed up with secret gangs, secret groups, secret talks, secret deals. I am fed up with special committees, secret committees, public committees, special committees, supercommittees and super-duper committees. They are all ridiculous. Those who keep resorting to them confirm Einstein's condemnation of those who repeat the same mistakes and expect the outcome to turn out differently.

My view is, if we must assign blame, it should be the "Obama and Democrats surrendering to the Tea Party" downgrade. Whatever the case, anyone who seeks to blame only one party, either party, should be ignored.

Recently at times the president has looked ridiculous with his platitudes and bromides and refusal to take responsiblity for anything. Republican leaders look equally ridiculous when they blame only Democrats. Democratic leaders look ridiculous when they blame only Republicans.

Today when the American people look at the president, the House and the Senate they see Moe, Larry and Curly.

The favorable rating of Congress is down to 14 percent and they keep doing the same things. And who are the 14 percent who actually think Congress is doing a good job?

My suggestion is simple and stated in my recent column "Save the nation":

Ignore the super-duper committee and make the deal by Labor Day to raise a little bit of taxes from the wealthy, cut a little bit of spending from entitlements, which can be done without hurting those in need, and pass a deficit deal within three weeks that includes a significant one-shot program to create jobs.

Otherwise there will be a major market and economic crash. If there is, it will be the only bipartisan achievement of the year: a bipartisan crash. It will be followed by a "throw the bums out" election in 2012 that will be the mother of all change elections. There will be blood on the streets from defeated members of both parties. 

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