There are still options for the Occupy protesters at that postage-stamp piece of private property on Wall Street known as Zuccotti Park. They could form their own free state right there in Lower Manhattan. Zuccotti Park could secede. Possibly the U.N. would grant it independent-statehood status. Probably so. The first “After America” state.

“Vermont independence supporters have played an active role in the Occupy Vermont movement,” the Second Vermont Republic, which advocates Vermont secession, reports on its website. “Indeed, Matt Cropp, co-founder of the Vermont Independence Alliance, is one of the principal organizers of Occupy Vermont.”

Vermont has long been in secession, they just don’t fully acknowledge it yet. And a recent symposium on secession at Yale suggests others are following Vermont’s initiative.

Last week Thomas Naylor, a professor who has in the past lectured at Yale and Duke and who founded the Second Vermont Republic, was keynote speaker on secession at the Yale Political Union considering the resolution: “Be it resolved that the United States of America be peacefully dissolved.”

“Many of the Yale debaters appeared to have been influenced by the Occupy Wall Street movement,” Naylor reports on his website. “Although not everyone was in agreement with the goals and tactics of OWS, the movement has produced a tailwind of support for political change which was clearly evident in the debate hall … After two hours of intense discussion, there was a motion to end debate and vote on the resolution. Much to my surprise 45 percent of the participants voted to dissolve the United States. Maybe there is hope after all, if that many Yalies opt for secession rather than empire.”