Are you aware that the United Nations is looking for means to tax individuals, businesses and transactions of sovereign nations, especially in the United States?
The U.N. has set up a special committee to look at revenue enhancement measures — a euphemism for taxation. Why do the mainstream media ignore the U.N.’s efforts to tax Americans?


Some of these “revenue enhancement measures” the U.N. plans to implement assess a special tax on Americans and give the money to Third World nations.
They have also proposed everything from a carbon tax to a billionaires’ tax, and want to replace the U.S. dollar as the common currency all nations use for international trade.
Last I heard, America is a sovereign nation and only Congress and the state legislatures can impose taxes on Americans.

The U.N. is essentially violating our right as a sovereign nation.
At the Republican National Convention, the GOP platform concluded that the United Nations is not trustworthy enough to handle foreign aid because of its history of scandal.
Why should we, as a nation, give up our sovereignty to a body that is more corrupt than some of our own leaders in government? The United States has spent over 200 years as a free, independent, sovereign nation — why should we relinquish our sovereignty now?