I want to extend my congratulations to President Obama and the Democratic Party for being able to successfully shift the focus from fiscal responsibility to taxing the wealthy and entrepreneurial class. 

If we look at this situation purely on the surface, raising taxes on the job creators and the financially successful seems to be a viable solution, especially for the people who do not fit into those categories. Because of human nature, we are wired to think that it is right to “take his” and “not mine.”
Unfortunately, raising taxes on business owners and the wealthy does little or nothing to alleviate our rapidly approaching insolvency. The only thing this solution does is give us a “feel-good” instinct that we are trying to do something, when in reality we are just pushing off the issue at hand while it stays the same or gets worse.


It’s like a college student who procrastinates on a paper by doing laundry. While the student may have clean clothes at the end of the laundry cycle, the paper still needs to be written before deadline.
We will eventually be forced to deal with the real issue, be it Republicans, Democrats or independents. Like the college student, who will be held accountable by his professor for how well he does on his paper, the people will hold President Obama and the Democratic Party accountable for how well he fixes our financial situation.
The sooner we realize that our biggest problem is over-spending, as opposed to under-taxing, the sooner we restore our nation to a path of prosperity.