Seemingly drunk with power, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has, without so much as blinking an eye, acknowledged to CBS's Katie Couric that it is entirely possible he would force the resignation of bank presidents in the future, as he sees fit.

On the heels of President Obama ordering the firing of General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner, hints of more to come should send a cold chill down the spine of every American. Far from adopting the attitude that the Wagoner ouster was a last-resort move — extremely rare and not something the United States government should take lightly — Obama's Treasury secretary seems to be pushing the envelope on boldness by suggesting Wagoner may just be the tip of the iceberg. (In what I hope is a unrelated story, Drudge is reporting that a Detroit man has taken to trapping raccoons and selling their carcasses for meat and clothing just to get by.)

Clearly, the Obama administration has run amok and needs to be kept in check. But so far, the Republican leadership appears to be asleep at the wheel in terms of any sort of oversight by megaphone and protest, lacking the reins of the Congress. Or perhaps they are still as shell-shocked as so many of the rest of us by this frightening, whiplash-inducing lurch to the left.

The Democrats in Congress will obviously never conduct oversight hearings on what is looking to be an abuse of power by the Obama administration. The GOP may not control the committees, but they should use every tool at their disposal to call Obama out on this one, before it's too late and such Big Brother tactics become the rule rather than the exception.