Here is the hypocrisy and hilarity of the recent attack on George Soros by Republican John Feehery. The economic policies championed by Feehery and other Republicans provide huge windfall profits for Soros and everyone else in his situation. In fact, Soros gets a great deal from Feehery, who is Soros's de facto lobbyist, and does it for free! This reminds me of the saying "Never give a sucker an even break,” with Feehery in this case being the sucker (for Soros), and Americans being the sucker (for Republicans).

Speaking of suckers, how about Republican Alan Greenspan, whose policies made a mighty contribution to this mess, taking as a major client a short-selling firm (Paulson and Co.) that made billions betting against America and against Greenspan's policies at the Fed! (I formally confirmed with Greenspan's office that Paulson and Co. is indeed a client.) Couldn't Alan Greenspan make his fortune with clients who don’t bet against Greenspan's policies and bet against America?

Back to Feehery — every time he advocates tax cuts for the wealthy, he is putting money in the pockets of George Soros. He is putting money in the pockets of billionaire short-sellers betting against America. Ditto Doug Heye, who may attack Bernie Madoff, but whose policies benefited Madoff immensely.

Gotta love these Republicans. Zillionaires making money and avoiding taxes through offshore accounts? They can count on the laissez-faire Republicans for help. Billionaires betting against America? They will be backed by Feehery and the laissez-faire Republicans. Oppose SEC actions and regulations that have prevented these scandals and corruptions? Don’t worry, be happy, the laissez-faire Republicans will be your champions.

Soros must be laughing. Feehery attacks him in a post one day, then advocates policies that make him richer the next! Then he gives Democrats money that guys like Feehery help him make, while Feehery attacks him, and Soros spends the money, laughing all the way to the bank. While Greenspan makes a small fortune from a billionaire betting against Greenspan's policies and betting against the American economy.

You gotta love these guys.

Never give a sucker an even break.