At a time when unemployment is rising sharply and almost everyone has to deal with the prospect of losing his or her job, isn’t it nice to sit back and imagine what your dream job would be — just like you did when your kindergarten teacher challenged you to do so?

Many Washingtonians (like this one) love their jobs, but many probably daydream about a job outside the Beltway that offers a bit less stress and more pay. Recently, a friend of mine miraculously survived a ruptured and abscessed appendix, despite the fact that he waited nine days to go to the hospital, all because it was in the middle of the stimulus negotiations. What other city inspires such wonky dedication that crosses into bodily recklessness?

Our friends in far-away cities may talk of being frustrated and hamstrung by bureaucratic obstacles at work, but do they really have to work in the terrestrial genesis of separation-of-powers? Despite all the potential obstacles to finding a true dream job in Washington, Dan Rosenbaum, an economist at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has seemingly managed to pull off the impossible. Rosenbaum is an adviser on economic policy at OMB and an analytical adviser to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

And all this time you thought public service and trying to win an NBA championship ring were incompatible. If only Peter Orszag could have LeBron James’s services to cut the budget deficit, then Rosenbaum would truly be doing the country a great service.

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