With their faces contorted in shock and feigned indignation, one would have thought that Washington lawmakers had no idea that language specifically prohibiting the government from going after executive bonuses was hidden in the stimulus bill.

Except for one thing: The provisions were added with the express knowledge, and agency of, the White House and Congress.

Folks, what you're witnessing right now is classic Washington hypocrisy at work. The White House, the Congress (both aisles) and the media have known all along that these executives would be given their bonuses. And they went out of their way to hide it by adding the language in closed conference.

But now that the story is out, everyone's acting like they were hoodwinked.

Yeah, right. If you believe that, then you might be interested in taking some prime marshland in the Florida Everglades off my hands.

I say, pay these people their money and stop playing games.

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