I decided to follow up with mortgage companies across the country and take the temperature of America's reaction to President Obama's plan to save everyday people from the foreclosure crisis.

Many see it as a massive shift in society’s thinking. The sense of entitlement is at an unimaginable level. The attitude is “Give me what is mine, for I have been wronged by the mortgage companies and now I want that which I deserve.” There is little responsibility for any of the thousands of callers phoning in daily. They have been told that it's the mortgage companies’ fault, that they're the victim, and the government police will handle everything henceforth.

Many mortgage companies are averaging hundreds of thousands of calls weekly. If you take people who signed for a mortgage, which is a promise to repay, and then you tell them they're not responsible for their obligation, then you've broken down a necessary basic moral concept of life.

Mortgage loan officers are speaking to individuals who own multiple homes, expensive cars, tons of credit card debt — and yet who believe someone else is to blame for their lack of financial discipline. Now we're back to the breakdown of that basic moral concept of life: taking personal responsibility for your own choices.

Now that they've heard President Obama's plan to ride in on his black horse and rescue them, they feel justified in taking no responsibility and are misled into believing that the government will bail them out.

When the reality sinks in that the mortgage companies, despite the president's clarion call, can do very little to ease their pain and debt, personal responsibility levels will be vanquished and more people than ever will literally walk away from their homes.

This happens because they're now led to believe our Nanny Government bears them no responsibility to fulfill their legally binding obligations in life. Thank you, Mr. President and Congress, for this new way of thinking, acting, and behaving in America.

Welcome to socialist American society.

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