Rush Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the Republican Party. Hold on a second —

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Really? Pathetic. Rush "European gangster-costumed, ex-drug addict, racist (remember October 2003?), hypocrite, ‘riots in the streets’ ” Limbaugh is in charge?

Tom DeLay yesterday on “Hardball” screamed his head off at Chris Matthews that Bush wasn't responsible for our economic woes. "He didn't do anything ..." is all I had to hear. He could hardly get out that it was all the fault of Fannie Mae because it was so ridiculous. Yeah, it was all Jimmy Carter’s evil plan to ruin America. Please!

Let's get real. It's Bush's fault. Let’s get past the denial. We spent more than even now and got nothing in return. Yeah, there are a lot of excuses, like Sept. 11, Katrina and the mortgage-backed securities nightmare, but all these things became bigger disasters in Bush's hands. Tax cuts for the rich and maintaining the status quo will not get us out of this. We need a sea change. The only way out of this is to put people to work. We need to cut off tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. We need to make things here again.

We need our people to have money, healthcare and security again. Sick people are a drag on the economy, on business and on families. People worried about the future save. To get the wheels spinning again we need to change, and you get what you pay for. I'm talking to you — selfish, not-wanting-to-pay-your-taxes, suddenly-fiscally-conservative dittoheads.