President Obama kept America on the edge of its collective seat on Monday night during his primetime address as he set the stage for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s announcement on details of the financial rescue plan the next day. President Obama was asked for details of the plan but reiterated that he did not want to steal Geithner’s thunder.

Well, with the thunder came a tempest as Geithner shed light on the plan. The lack of the much-anticipated – and much needed – details sent the stock market down nearly 5 percent. Worse yet, it seems to have sapped any remaining confidence and hope from the American public – and rightly so. Is this really “change we can believe in”?

The president campaigned on a platform of change and continues to pound his fist on the table about bringing change to Washington. Further, President Obama tried several times to distance himself from the financial crisis he inherited when he took office.

However, he hasn’t convinced us that he and his administration are any better equipped to deal with the magnitude of the crisis. Preaching about change is fine, but we all have to realize that it will always be grounded in reality. We cannot afford – as a country or as individuals – to endure more head-fakes about the likelihood of real progress being made. Welcome to Washington, Mr. President.

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