There are four short days before the historic presidential election, but it may be in the shadow of a crippled economy and skeptical voters — aka consumers — who are still trying to digest how they are benefiting from the recent $700 billion bailout.

There is no question that the rescue plan received a lackluster response from Main Street and had a rather muted effect on the economy. It should be no surprise that consumer confidence is at one of the lowest levels in recent history and that the American people are tapped out and exhausted by the financial beating they have endured.

Who is to say how the presidential race would have been different had the sentiment of the American people been more upbeat? As it stands, however, when voters cast their ballots on Tuesday, their votes will reflect the discouragement of recent months and fear of what lies ahead in the years to come.

It is never good to make such important decisions with this kind of mindset, especially when there are so many more issues at stake than the economy. And change for the sake of change isn’t good, either.

Regardless, the president-elect will be inheriting a slowing global economy and a skeptical, exhausted and fearful public. But one thing is for sure: Whoever is in office will certainly benefit from all the legislation that is now in place, because it is hard not to go up from rock bottom.

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