It seems that we all can take a collective sigh of relief now that the U.S. government is stepping in to bail out Wall Street from its corrupt schemes over the past decade.

But be sure that the government does not want to play this game. This stunning move by the leaders of our country was the response to executives on Wall Street warning of a complete financial collapse that could have made the events in the 1920s seem tame.

I see that the wizards of Wall Street are held to the same standards as weathermen — they can be wrong, very wrong, but still get paid for a job poorly done. The difference is weathermen can do nothing about Mother Nature and are prisoners of her whims. By contrast, Wall Street executives are rewarded to orchestrate ways to make millions — and even billions — of dollars for themselves, put our financial system at risk, and then leave carnage behind.

Just think about it: They will get to keep their billions of dollars in bonuses and there is absolutely nothing regulators, or anyone, for that matter, can do in demanding it back. Sadly, it was not too long ago that headlines in the news touted that Wall Street bonuses would be down from tens of millions to millions. Woe unto Wall Street. Thank you, American taxpayer. When did we ever have any say in owing these corrupt financial institutions?

But this story is not uncommon. I remember as a child at school that chaos would ensue in the classroom when the teacher left. It seems that Wall Street is no better behaved when they don’t follow the rules or lament about being overly regulated. Food fight, anyone?

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