To my brother John Feehery: As you accuse the American people of greed, you embrace the mindset that will lead to a titanic Republican debacle in congressional elections this fall.

This is the difference between you and me, and between Republicans and Democrats in general.

I love your argument. You offer the politics of Gordon Gekko, the Michael Douglas character in the movie “Wall Street”: that "greed is good.” You repeat it word for word. I love it!

You used to work for the Republican leadership, and I applaud your honesty in representing them fairly. I used to work for the Democratic leadership, and you can bet your insider stock options that we do not believe the American people are greedy and that we do not run on the platform, as you do, that greed is good.

I believe most Americans are good, generous and decent people and that many are hurting because they are at the mercy of forces beyond their control, forces which are themselves far too often driven by lust for power and greed.

You accuse the American people of greed and, like Gekko, you champion the cause of greed.

Only a Republican could say that, and only the Republican mother of a Republican could love that!

Democrats will gain between two and eight Senate seats and between 10 and 40 House seats in November. Keep running on the platform of Gordon Gekko, and those numbers may well go up.