10.    How can liberal Democrats be so outraged about President Bush commuting Scooter Libby’s jail sentence (but not his fine or conviction), yet be so sanguine about President Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonElizabeth Warren: More 'Hillary' than Hillary Nadler plays 1999 clip of Graham defining high crimes: 'It doesn't even have to be a crime' Trump's big reelection weapon: A remarkable manufacturing jobs boom MORE doing basically the same thing (lying to a grand jury)  and escaping any sanction at all? Indeed, he is now the toast of the town and slated to become our next co-president. Shouldn’t a president be held to a higher standard than anyone else?

9.    If the economy is so bad, why are lines so long to buy a new telephone costing upwards of $700? Is this a great country or what?

8.    Did the concern about “too much money in politics” evaporate when Democratic candidates began out-raising Republicans in this year’s presidential campaign? 

7.     How bad off must unions be if they have to try and eliminate the secret ballot in order to win organizing elections, as a recent bill in Congress proposed? Their ranks have been shrinking for years, but I wonder how many members they would really have without state laws requiring union membership in certain occupations.

6.    Can we really say we are a civilized society if we tolerate the “sport” of professional wrestling? It’s hard to get past the pure phoniness of the whole enterprise, the rampant steroid abuse, and the nearly two dozen suspicious deaths in the past few years.

5.    Shouldn’t A-Rod’s wife be angry at HIM and not take it out on Yankee fans, especially families?

4.    Didn’t Oliver Stone step into Michael Moore territory by comparing President Bush with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad (both are “inept and rigid.” Ha Ha). Is boorishness the price for staying “hot” in today’s Hollywood?

3.    When the Supreme Court invalidated one section of the labyrinthine campaign finance law to guarantee MORE free speech, why is that a “shift to the right”?

2.    If , according to The Washington Post, Congress and federal regulators are having difficulty “controlling” hedge funds and private equity funds, is that precisely why the American economy will remain strong and dynamic? Thank goodness markets react faster than politicians.

1.    Isn’t Carrie Underwood a little scary?