The Democrats continue to try to have it both ways when it comes to gas prices.

Congressional Democratic leaders, on the one hand, complain bitterly about rising gas prices, as they oppose efforts to increase the domestic refining and exploration capabilities that would make gas more affordable.

On the other hand, the liberal left, led by Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreMcAuliffe calls on Youngkin to drop out of 'election integrity' rally Anything-but-bipartisan 1/6 commission will seal Pelosi's retirement. Here's why Kamala Harris's unprecedented challenge MORE, believe that the combustion engine should be eliminated and that there should be a heavy gas tax that would hit consumers the hardest.

Well, which one is it? Do you support higher gas prices or do you not?

My theory is that the Democratic Party is secretly delighted with high gas prices.

High gas prices drive down consumption, which the environmentalists like. Because the oil companies make more money when gas prices are high, it gives the Democrats an evil corporate villain to attack. Because the fluctuation of gas prices is caused by the marketplace, it gives Democrats a convenient excuse to attack the free market, which they love to do, and gives them an excuse to come up with a government solution, which again they love to do. And their solution will be a return to the windfall profits tax, which gives them an excuse to tax again.

The Democrats shouldn’t be allowed to play this game. Reveal yourselves! Let voters know that you stand for higher gas prices and if you gain the White House, you will push for an even higher gas tax that will hurt consumers even more. The voters have a right to know where the Democrats really stand when it comes to higher gas prices.