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Goldman Sachs fraud charges anger Americans, humiliate Republicans and put Tea Party leaders to the test

Let’s reserve judgment on the Goldman case about guilt or innocence — but make no mistake, it will inflame the nation. It will give power and strength on the floor of the Senate to the forces for reform. It will make opponents of reform realize they could lose their seats if they fail to join the battle. It will win condemnation for any Tea Party leaders who support Wall Street bonuses and win applause for those who join liberal activists in calling for the bonus surtax.

The summer scandal this year, going into election season, will be a steady stream of fraud and Wall Street corruption cases that could be the game-changer helping Democrats in November.

But let’s be clear: The Democrats must fight much harder than they have before. Phony, timid and halfway reforms by Democrats will only fuel public anger against both parties.

The summer scandal has begun. The fight now begins for real. The game-changer for the election has come. Now let’s begin with a 50 percent tax for Wall Street bonuses of companies that caused the crisis for the unjust profits made during the five years that took the American economy down.

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