Whether it is flexing their muscles by forcing loans on major corporations in an attempt to manhandle management to succumb to their overbearing request or if it comes in the form of a massive blind support of unions, the American people need to wake up!

Socialist policy is alive and well on our soil. We don’t need to look to the failures of Euro and other countries. Look at how socialist policies are bankrupting our own economy.

California is a good case study of a top-heavy state. Here is one of the largest economies of the world, normally ranging in between the top five to seven largest of all countries, drowning in debt — this didn’t happen merely as a result of the financial crisis.

Look at the teachers unions, and how our students no longer have a competitive educational product. Examples are everywhere. The difference between the solvency of the California state government and the U.S government is that the federal government covers its deficit with unlimited borrowing capacity. This borrowing capacity mortgages our children's future and merely delays the day of reckoning.

Instead of looking far off into the future to block future socialist policy, why don’t we look at our economy with a microscope and begin weeding out the inefficiencies of socialism? The days when our children could automatically assume the highest international prestige as a matter of birthright are nearing an end if the American public doesn't outright reject these devastating policies.

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