Fannie Mae, a pseudo-government entity, has been a place where Democrats have long placed their constituents in working positions for the returned support of their candidates — in which Fannie Mae gave large contributions on several occasions. But it was the political agenda of Democrats that gave mortgages out as a form of welfare that put people in homes they couldn't afford.

Yet, with all of this, our government doesn’t want to accept what can happen when bureaucracy and agendas spill over into the pristine movements of the market — and now these markets have been polluted.

Instead of letting the pollution work its way out of the system, regulators and market overseers are causing more damage by piling regulation upon regulation on an already fragile system. This regulation will not only increase the cost of doing business, it will stall the development and release of new products into the market.

This extra activity is exactly what America needs in order to fuel the jobs that will put dinners on tables in homes across the nation. The leaders of our country shouldn’t be doing everything in their control to stifle economic growth at a moment when the people of our country need it stimulated most.

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