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Wisconsin to Washington: GOP declares war against workers

What Republicans are doing from Madison, Wis., to Washington, D.C., is
waging a war against workers that will destroy a million jobs for

The GOP is waging a war against teachers, against firefighters, against
police, against programs that create jobs, against men and women who
hunger for jobs, against pay equity for women, and against the economic
recovery that has only begun.

I will guarantee that when the full budget proposals of House
Republicans are added to the full budget proposals of
Republican governors, leading and objective analysts will conclude that a
million American jobs will be lost.

The Republicans are not engaging in deficit reduction, they are fomenting a political civil war based on an ideology that is radical and extreme compared not only to generations of Democrats, but to generations of the most respected Republicans who never proposed anything like what Republicans are proposing today.

Just watch the House Republicans, voting in rapid fire on amendments they could not have had the time to read, attacking one program after another in a campaign that will destroy jobs America needs.

This is not a war against deficits, it is a war against collective bargaining, a war against job-creating programs, a war against the very idea of government creating jobs.

In many cases this is a war against policies that help women, a war against pay equity for women, a war against new jobs for women and a war against poor women and their daughters and sons.

In 1937, Franklin Roosevelt, under pressure from what was called the conservative coalition of that time, supported cutbacks in spending that caused a relapse of Depression-era conditions at the very moment the economy was recovering. Republicans would repeat that disastrous mistake today.

There are plenty of good ways to lower the deficit, but destroying jobs with ideologically extreme attacks on programs that create jobs is a disastrous attack of epic and historic proportions.

The Republican Speaker might say “so be it” when jobs are destroyed, but a program that would destroy a million jobs is bad for workers, bad for jobs and bad for America.


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