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Obama’s policies are Americans’ worst enemy

President Obama’s administration and his political team are becoming
increasingly tone-deaf. Everyday Americans aren’t visiting town halls of
Republicans to complain about draconian cuts. They’re coming to gripe
the majority party isn’t cutting enough. We’ve had many tax cuts over
the past 20 years but no spending decreases. The lack of discipline
created by a broken political system now has us on the verge of

This is a seminal moment in our nation’s understanding of fiscal policy. The billions and trillions are starting to matter. They’re no longer “just on paper,” meaningless terms with no real impact on individual families and businesses. The fear is there and it’s palpable. And Americans are starting to sort out in their own minds what a bankrupt nation could mean to them and their futures.

When will this administration grasp that? How many more houses must foreclose and businesses fail before someone on the president’s economic team realizes these policies are a joke?

So don’t worry when we’re 19 months out who will rise up among the GOP and assume his/her rightful place in the presidential pantheon. There’s plenty of time for that.

From my own perspective, I’m more interested in seeing how much farther down the road of disrepair the current administration will take us. Obama’s continued policies are Americans’ worst enemy and nightmare right now. Republicans would do well to get out of his way.

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