It took us 50 years to destroy the system, and now we are forced to deal with the wasted lives it produces. But if we started tomorrow with kindergarten, and made sure that proper facilities and teacher competencies were at a high standard, and then extended that goal one grade per year, in 13 years we would live in a whole new world. Young, ignorant, poor men are the problem — whether you are dealing with gangs in the inner city or Muslim jihadists. Ignorance leads to poverty and lack of hope. The poverty and lack of hope leads to anger, self-depreciation and a hatred of self and everything around them. (This why they burn down their own neighborhoods.) Add those ingredients to testosterone (young men) and you have the makings for chaos, destruction and death. The cycle begins with ignorance — the way to stop the cycle is education!


Teachers' unions, the courts, and financial incompetence on the part of our federal bureaucracies has led to the destruction of our schools. The teachers' unions support and protect incompetence, our courts have caused administrators to average down to the lowest standards in discipline and conduct, and our government has reduced funding, facilities and courses in direct proportion to increasing spending on entitlements, which create dependencies.

The solution is not difficult — but it is hard. It means firing teachers who should not be teaching, firing bureaucrats who cannot find their rear end with both hands, and trying to wean nearly half of our nation off of the drugs of government dependency. To turn around a failing business requires hard choices — including firings and combating incompetence at every level. Turning around a country is no different. But in a democracy you have no chance for a turnaround if the majority represents the incompetent, the dependent and the ignorant. Especially if they are lead by a "ruling class" whose only goal is to stay on the throne — at least for as long as it lasts.

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