It was just reported that three-quarters of high school students in Detroit and Cleveland have dropped out of high school because they sense that a high school diploma serves them no purpose. This is a trend that is beginning to sweep across America's inner cities. Many experts are just stunned and overwhelmed about the implications of this development.

Why do we assume that young people today know what work ethic, discipline, sacrifice, moral striving and overcoming challenges in life is about? There is an overwhelming number of adults today who have never been taught these concepts and continue to set this example at home before their kids.

America's only chance of putting the genie back in the bottle is mandatory two-year military service immediately following high school for young men across the board (with no possibility of these youngsters ever serving in combat unless it's their choice). I have often advocated, in speeches around the country, that there should be conscription service for all high school students (men and women) after graduation.

With the deteriorating family, absentee fathers and the negative influence of media and entertainment, oftentimes young people will never have the right example of what it takes to survive against all odds in an increasingly struggling economy. The military shows what it means to overcome challenges and obstacles and teaches you things about yourself you never knew.

When young people conquer challenges, it gives them a sense of pride, real self-esteem and, for men, a strong identity with manhood. If they lack the basics in child-rearing, they are crippled in whatever career path they choose in life. Taking drastic measures is the only chance we have to save this generation from doom and gloom.

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