Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreKamala Harris says she is open to abolishing Electoral College Dem lawmaker says Electoral College was 'conceived in sin' as way to perpetuate slavery O'Rourke sees 'a lot of wisdom' in abolishing Electoral College MORE's 24-hour television extravaganza, which takes his message about protecting the planet from the ravages of pollution through multiple media across multiple time zones, is one more powerful statement of leadership from one of the giants of our age.

It is a phenomenon of our times how so many on the right, backed their pro-polluter sources of money, have such a total contempt for science, facts and truth.

It also a phenomenon of the times how those in the media who are biased to the right and the Republicans demonstrate such contempt toward progressive opinion.

Check any source in the media that is biased to the Republicans and the right and notice how liberal and Democratic opinion is buried, ignored or treated with derision while conservative and Republican opinion is bannered, promoted and treated with reverence.

Enter Al Gore, the voice who will not be silenced. The champion who will not retreat. The statesman who will not surrender.

It is exciting and refreshing to watch Al Gore take his message across the airwaves and throughout the continents, which is what world leaders and Nobel laureates are supposed to do.

It is uplifting and informative to watch Al Gore take his case of science, reason, facts and inconvenient truths about the dangers facing the planet to people throughout the world.

I understand why conservative and Republican media have such fear and contempt for Al Gore and the facts, truths and appeals to reason that he presents. In the same way they have such fear and contempt for progressive columnists, progressive leaders, progressive advocates and all of those who offer opinions they do not like, facts they refuse to accept, and science they try to deny.

I applaud Al Gore for this 24-hour marathon of facts, reason, science and hope. The men and women who watch him across the far corners of the globe may well be watching a future president of the United States, and if and when this happens, the conservative and Republican media can refuse to cover it, and pretend it didn't.