Trump weakens US on global stage with climate accord decision
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President Trump announced Thursday the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate accord, in order to “protect America,” claiming that he puts “no other consideration before the well-being of American citizens.”

Citing unfair “advantages” the agreement would allegedly give China and other “leading polluters,” President Trump suggested that the Paris agreement is a “self-inflicted major economic wound” that hinders the U.S. economy. 


In reality, this withdrawal only perpetrates America’s increasingly weak position on the international stage. Now that America has followed through on the departure from the Paris agreement, our leading economic rivals will quickly and efficiently cover the lapse in leadership that will inevitably form.


The renewable energy industry is predicted to reach a value of $6 trillion dollars over the coming decades, yet America’s global lead in this industry will now likely be relinquished to China.

Contrary to Trump, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang vowed to work with the European Union to uphold the Paris agreement, emphasizing that “as a big developing nation, [China] should shoulder our international responsibility.” 

Keqiang’s focus and commitment to the issue of climate change is echoed by statements made by countless foreign officials, including India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the newly-elected French president, Emmanuel Macron. 

In fact, as America withdraws from the agreement, it joins only two other countries not signed-on: Nicaragua and Syria. Many domestic and international leaders have condemned President Trump’s decision, which only adds to the tension accumulated over the past week by the Trump administration. 

It also falls in line with reports of senior advisor and First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s position on climate change, underscoring a serious failure on her part to convince her father to stay in the deal. The withdrawal highlights Ivanka Trump’s inability to follow through on her promise to be a counterforce to her father in the White House. 

Above all else, withdrawing from the Paris agreement provides zero net benefits in America. The decision is not part of a pro-growth economic agenda, does not create new jobs for even the most loyal of Trump’s supporters and only creates a larger political schism within our nation. 

Governors of New York, Washington and California have already established the United States Climate Alliance, an endeavor that is sure to gain traction with a total of 10 governors and 82 mayors having denounced President Trump’s decision.

The president must begin working toward an agenda that allows him to hold up the promises he made to the American people without destroying America’s stance on the global stage.

At home, our critical infrastructure needs are not receiving attention, our middle class is not receiving any tax relief and the contentious healthcare market, which is actively costing American households tens of thousands of dollars each year, is not being corrected. It is time for the Trump administration to stop ignoring the needs and concerns of the American people.

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