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George W. Bush, War Profiteers, and the Terrorism-Industrial Complex

Dwight Eisenhower warned us against George Bush and the kind of government he would bring to Washington when a president who pursues an obsessive war combines with those who pursue the obsessive profits and corruptions that surround his war.

George Washington warned us about George Bush and the unwise foreign entanglements that could corrupt our system and so gravely damage our country.

James Madison warned us about the threats to our liberty from factions that seek to dominate our democracy and fears that are created and exploited in the cause of eroding our freedoms.

Jesus Christ warned us about a society where the hungry become more hungry, the poor become more poor, the ill become more pained — all while others gorge themselves on their greed and bloat themselves on their unjust enrichments. 

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and Paine warned us about those who claim the king is law, reminded us that in our land the law is king, and warned us about those whose search for total power would destroy the democratic checks and balances that God inspired them to leave for us.

Lincoln gave his life for his prayer to bind our wounds after a hard and bitter war, while Bush creates a hard and bitter war that he uses to rip and tear and exploit the wounds  he creates in his sick and demented partisan strategies.

Only one president in the history of our land would even think about hosting a national political convention that insults our veterans with demented jokes about the Purple Heart, to attack an opponent awarded bronze and silver stars for valor.

There is darkness and bitterness and truth in these words, but make no mistake, those who have done these deeds are being swept from power by a good and noble America that now sees through this sick and tired act and demands a return to the first principles of Americanism and the common sense of American national interests.

2006 was our Lexington and Concord that saved the country from two more years of a one-party state.

2008 will be our Yorktown, inaugurating a new era of patriotic renewal and reform that will be reminiscent of the great eras of the American past and the great hope of our American future.

To achieve the vision, we must understand the problem and mobilize for the solution.

George W. Bush has created a terrorism-industrial complex even more sinister and deadly that than the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us so wisely against.

What kind of president hosts secret meetings in the White House with profit-bloated business and campaign contributors who make vast fortunes by polluting the planet and profiting from his miserable war?

What kind of president initiates a preemptive war, creates an Occupation Authority that promotes corruption as vast as anything ever dreamed of during the Roman Empire, covers up massive torture at Abu Ghraib, keeps open the universally condemned prison at Guantanamo, allows tens of billions of dollars to be stolen or wasted during this occupation, sends underpaid troops to war while he fails to provide them the equipment they need to survive, holds gala fundraisers serving champagne and caviar to those who make vast profits from this tragic venture, then attacks the patriotism of his opponents, claims to do this in the name of God, escalates these wrongs in the name of democracy, angers and alienates the entire free world, wonders why our enemy is succeeding, and clings with some pathological obsession to this miserable and failed policy?

Even the Supreme Court of the United States trends to what can only be described as a revival of the logic that gave America the old segregation, in line with a politics that at times veers towards the racism born of the partisanship of a neo-confederacy.

Bigoted ads are run by radical Republican leaders against Harold Ford. Bigoted lines are uttered against Barack Obama while lies masquerading as news about a 6-year-old Barack are broadcast as fact in the conservative media.

From the beginning until this day, radical Republican leaders in the Senate have supported these travesties and tragedies almost without exception while obstructionist Republican leaders of the Senate launch filibuster after filibuster at virtually every attempt to seek the truth or change the policies that escalate the tragedy.

On this day, while the radical Republicans in the Senate filibuster Jim Webb’s effort to restore rationality to rotations of heroic and beleagured troops, we learn that our troops have not gotten their urgently requested armored vehicles because of continuing corruptions endemic to this terrorism-industrial complex, we learn that American blood shed to buy the government government time has been insulted by an Iraqi government that  does not meet even basic benchmarks, we learn that al Qaeda regained its pre-Sept. 11 strength to capitalize on the catastrophes caused by the partisan president who so shamelessly exploited that very tragedy, we learn of the latest presidential claim of executive privilege to cover up the latest abuse of executive power, and there is more, but the day is not long enough, nor the space here great enough, to list every wrongdoing and failure for even this one 24-hour period.

Make no mistake, things have been done to America in these recent years that are unwise, unjust, unconscionable, unacceptable and un-American by those who pursue their partisanship, their profiteering, their perjury, their pardons and their power, waving the flag as their banner and pointing to God as their justification.

Make no mistake, the hourglass is running out of sand for the darker impulses of this destructive vision of our national politics and the destructive policies that will be tolerated no more by our people.

Let the radical Republicans learn the lesson or face the consequences: 2006 was our Lexington and Concord. 2008 will be our Yorktown. 2009 will inaugurate the next great chapter in a great country that will say no to what is happening today.

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