President Obama’s interactions with anti-American leadership, namely Hugo Chavez, throughout the developing world are threatening the honor of American self-reliance. Now, more than ever, the president’s intentions are made frightfully clear.

Chavez has a long history of hatred toward America, which is fueled by the distrust of cherished American values threatening his tyrannical rule. U.S. paranoia has marked his administration as he holds to America’s involvement in the failed 2002 coup, prompting a U.S. inspector general investigation finding no U.S. wrongdoing.

Further, Chavez has diligently orchestrated an impressive anti-American alliance consisting of Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba and guerrillas scattered around South America, as he has fervently strengthened his own army.

His desire to fulfill Cuba’s model of anti-Americanism and his eagerness to learn from Castro is without contention. More so, Chavez actively courts those on the fringe of anti-Americanism, such as Russia, which has committed to helping Chavez build a nuclear reactor.

Now Chavez has one more alliance to add to his anti-American repertoire: President Obama.

The beloved self-reliance of America has come under an all-out assault on an international scale. Who has the backbone to stand up for the self-reliance that American holds so dear?

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