Considering President Obama is intent on massive spending increases on seemingly everything, cuts to defense and his desire to "reduce the role of nuclear weapons" or even ban them completely — in light of North Korea's missile launch this weekend — show a naïveté that is troubling, and possibly dangerous.

That the launch reportedly failed is immaterial. Rogue nations such as North Korea will try and try again unless it is made clear to them what the penalty for their actions will be (Libya is a good example).

While ridding the world of nuclear weapons may be a laudable goal, it is unrealistic in a world where other nations are intent on threatening your very existence, or that of your allies, such as Israel.

Obama's position on nuclear weapons is similar to that of President Ronald Reagan, who time and again talked of his desire to ban all nuclear weapons — much to the consternation of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. That such a plan of action would be advocated by Iran demonstrates that it is neither reasonable nor rational.

During the preparations for the first Gulf conflict, Thatcher famously told President George H.W. Bush, "This is no time to go wobbly."

Obama would do well to remember those words.