Who says President Bush is irrelevant and only a burden to anyone who dares invoke his name? I’ve just finished watching our commander in chief brief the country on the amazing progress our American military continues to make in Iraq. In fact, the progress is so pronounced that another 8,000 soldiers are headed home in the coming weeks. That’s policy with results, and while it certainly helps make John McCainJohn Sidney McCainGrant Woods, longtime friend of McCain and former Arizona AG, dies at 67 Will Trump choose megalomania over country? Trump attacks Meghan McCain and her family MORE look more prophetic by the day, it poses an interesting dilemma for the Obama camp.

News flash to Sen. Obama — the surge worked! You’re no less a man if you admit it now, and it may even bolster your efforts, to borrow a phrase from JFK, whom the Democrats often like to quote. Yes, folks, the truth is not determined by how many times a phrase is repeated. So Sen. Obama should just face facts and quit this nonsense of denying the surge was responsible for any good deed we’re now witnessing in Iraq.

I suspect he’ll try and change the subject today and in the coming days, but the imagery of troops disembarking from transport planes on American soil in the coming weeks will force Obama’s hand to come to grips with a foreign policy initiative he never fully understood in the first place.

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