Just when you thought things were getting better in Iraq …

Just when you started believing the Bush propaganda that the surge was working …

Here’s the latest: The deaths of five more soldiers and one sailor in Iraq make 2007 the deadliest year yet in Iraq — and we still have almost two months left.

The Associated Press reports that 853 Americans have been killed in Iraq this year, the highest since the war began in March 2003. That brings the total number of Americans killed to 3,855.

And, of course, that does not count the number of Americans severely maimed or injured. Nor the average number of 56 Iraqi civilians killed every day in the ongoing civil war.

What a total waste. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could argue that they died for a noble cause. But we can’t, because they didn’t. The truth is, 3,855 Americans so far have courageously given their lives in George Bush’s senseless, unnecessary war of choice whose only result has been to get rid of Saddam Hussein in order that Sunnis and Shiites can kill each other — with American troops caught in the crossfire.

The war isn’t working. The surge isn’t working. Iraq isn’t worth one more American life. Bring our troops home.