As she prepares to head to the Middle East with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday announced “$30 billion to ensure Israel's ability to defend itself” as well as $13 billion in a “military assistance agreement which will strengthen Egypt's ability to address shared strategic goals.”

On Sunday, President Bush announced a $20 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia and five additional Gulf nations.

Democrats who’ve been demanding a “Plan B” from the administration just got it. Watching them whine about it will be interesting. 

So what will the liberals denounce first?

A) U.S. commitment to the protection of Israel and guarantees of its continued existence in a sea of enemies
B) The administration’s commitment to broader diplomatic and military engagement in the Middle East with our allies as a means of protecting our interests and bringing stability to the region.
C) A strategic deal to keep Iran in check.
D) An actual plan with teeth that prepares for all-out civil war when the U.S. starts withdrawing troops.

Let the voting begin.