I’ll admit, the lines on the Iraq war were getting fuzzy for Republicans. When friends and family are deployed to the Middle East for the second and third time, and you’re nervous over their odds of returning unscathed, nerves of steel begin to melt in ways Rosie O’Donnell would argue are scientifically impossible.

Then, along came Harry. The Senate majority leader threw a party last night in the halls of Congress and invited his closest friends: MoveOn.org and Code Pink. In the process, he reminded Republicans whose side they’re on, and it’s not that of George Soros or the cackling hens who wear Barbie Doll pink. 

One short news cycle ago, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon issued a grave warning that “any abrupt withdrawal or decision may lead to further deterioration of the situation in Iraq.”

As Reid and his caucus move to the left of the United Nations in order to gain favor with radicals like MoveOn and Code Pink, they might bother looking in the rearview mirror and answering whether or not we should have done more to prevent the bloody, violent genocide in Rwanda. One can’t help but wonder if the current U.N. secretary-general is asking that same question as he looks to the future of Iraq and the consequences of the United States military leaving that country to fend for itself.

For those Republican senators whose spine grows weak, consider whose advice you’re taking: George Soros’s or Ban Ki-Moon’s.