The Federation for American Immigration Reform is in Washington, D.C., uniting talk radio hosts and citizens in an effort to alert the public and Congress to the real issues of immigration. It is estimated that there are 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States and thousands flooding across the southern border every day. We must encourage Congress to enact and enforce immigration laws that protect the interests and security of this great nation. We must rally against organizations that make it easy for illegal immigrants to obtain credit of any kind. This definitely sends the wrong message to Americans that they no longer count as it appears to be a double standard (a higher standard for U.S. residents and a lower standard for illegal immigrants). That the federal government has done little to resolve the problem of illegal immigration does not mean that banks and other business interests have the right to profit from illegal immigration. We can stop this proliferation of profit if we, as consumers, influence smaller businesses that depend on our patronage by patronizing those who operate in the public interest and refuse to support illegal immigration. Hopefully this will provide economic incentives for companies to act responsibly and avoid hiring illegal immigrants or engaging in business practices that encourage illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration has caused enormous job displacement for American workers, infiltration of schools by non-English-speaking students, increased crime and other severe problems. Apparently our immigration system does not work. We should send all illegal immigrants back to where they came from because this is an explosive situation just waiting to detonate. If they had any kind of respect for our rules and patriotism, they would go back home voluntarily and return here legally. Are we ready to get tough, or do we wait for them — as they put it in their own words — to reclaim California, Texas, Arizona and God-knows-where-else?