The initial stages of ObamaCare death panels have begun by targeting the 40,000 American women killed by breast cancer annually. The FDA has recommended rescinding government approval of Avastin, a treatment for later-stage breast cancer, due to its high cost. Avastin can cost as much as $88,000 annually, but can have significant results in expanding the life of those suffering.

The federal government needs to stay away from the personal health decisions of Americans. Yes, there are some who wouldn’t care to live longer after suffering from breast cancer. However, there are many women suffering from the illness who would like to spend every extra day possible with their families. Our government doesn’t have the right to withhold that from them. 


It’s ironic that in the summer of 2010, in which our government has redefined profligate spending, President Obama’s FDA would decide to pinch pennies and recommend withdrawing the approval of the life extending drug despite 40,000 annual breast cancer deaths. Even more shocking is the silence of the American Feminist, as they abandon the many women that find themselves in this crisis situation. A recent search on, the National Organization for Women’s website, appalled me — there wasn’t one hit on the issue of Avastin. 

With a beginning like this, I’m not looking forward to seeing how the lives of Americans suffering from illnesses are at the mercy of government entities controlled by people who have never looked them in the eyes.