While the trifecta of stimulus/bailouts/ObamaCare is what is mostly touted as the explanation for the waning Democratic political fortunes, ObamaCare is the mother-lode of straws that broke the camel's back and crushed it. Democrats know this, but can't acknowledge it. Why? Because they can't blame ObamaCare on George W. Bush. And that leaves them with nothing, and nowhere to hide.

What's surprising to me about this renewed push to blame Bush for the Democrats' election-year problems now is not that they are using it as a desperate Hail Mary pass. It's been obvious for quite some time they pull that out of their back pocket when backed into a corner. No — what's so surprising to me, and also very, very telling, is that they are throwing this Hail Mary pass before Labor Day, rather than in the final three or four weeks of the campaign. This means their internal polling is scarier than what the rest of us are privy to, and they know they have little wiggle room and nowhere to run. They searched every nook and cranny, but can't win new voters or change any minds, so they must try to compete in the Election Day voter-turnout game by getting the Bush-hating far-left wing of the party angry and energized, and blaming Bush is all they have in their arsenal — even when their arguments make no sense at all.

Democrats may have been able to skate by with a "blame Bush" strategy had they only gouged the American people with the stimulus bill and the bailouts. But for more than a year, voters have been telling (and yes, even yelling at) their elected officials that they did not want ObamaCare. It was too much government intrusion and control, and much, much too expensive. There has never been a measure so massive as something encompassing one-sixth of our economy and affecting literally every American as ObamaCare does, that was forced through Washington without bipartisan congressional support and significant buy-in by the public.

Poll after poll after poll shows the American people are fed up with Washington's spending. Democrats are in trouble in races all over the country due to their support of the Obama failed stimulus spending bill, the bailouts, but mostly the massive healthcare reform law forced down the throats of all of us.

The arrogance of ramming ObamaCare through the process despite opposition and even alarm by regular folk (non-activists) created millions of newly minted activists who are exerting their power in this democracy during the primaries. They will likely make the difference in November as well. Elections are almost always won or lost in the middle, but the Democrats have thumbed their noses at the middle, and now have nothing left but the left — the far left.