Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of hypocrites in Congress, but freshman Rep. Andy Harris may win the all-time prize.

Like a lot of other newly elected Republicans, Andy Harris, from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, campaigned against healthcare reform: derided it as “ObamaCare,” denounced it as “socialized medicine” and vowed to work with fellow Republicans to repeal it.

But when he showed up for freshman orientation this week, he was suddenly singing a different tune. Not only did Harris rush to sign up for the healthcare plan he receives as a member of Congress, he stunned his fellow Republicans by complaining loudly when he learned that the plan wouldn’t actually kick in until Feb. 1, 28 days after his swearing-in.

“This is the first employer I’ve ever worked for where you don’t get coverage the first day you are employed,” he bellyached.

Harris even asked if he could temporarily pay for his government-sponsored care out of his own pocket — which is exactly the kind of “public plan option” he campaigned against while running for Congress.

What a hypocrite! Like all other Republicans, and some Democrats, in Congress, Harris wants to deny millions of American families access to healthcare — while sucking it up for himself, at taxpayer expense.

Instead of repealing healthcare reform, I suggest we adopt a simple amendment: Any member of Congress who votes against expanded access to healthcare reform automatically loses his or her congressional healthcare. You can hear people like Harris whine about that already, but maybe that would make them think twice before being so hard-hearted.

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