What phonies! Most of the Republicans in Congress who want to repeal the healthcare law are now demanding that they keep government-sponsored insurance for themselves. This includes many Tea Party members of Congress.

Excuse me? They oppose what they call a government takeover of healthcare, unless they benefit from it, in their government plans, which they demand they keep. Every honest Tea Party voter and every true conservative should demand that no Republican practice the hypocrisy of trying to repeal healthcare reform for others while fighting to keep their government healthcare plans for themselves.

Republicans should include a repeal of their congressional government healthcare plans in any proposal to repeal healthcare reform for the rest of us. If they don't, Democratic leaders and the president should make a big issue out of this, including television ads in the districts of the 62 new Republican members from districts that voted for Obama in 2008 and states of any Senate Republicans running in 2012 who play this hypocritical game.

The American people will see right through this. Any Republican who opposes healthcare reform for others but clutches the government healthcare plan for him- or herself should be taken to the woodshed.