Bad news for conservatives and Republicans in the new AP healthcare poll, which has the following results:

Number of voters who favor stronger healthcare laws that do more: 43 percent. Number who favor repeal: only 26 percent. Number who favor the current law: 19 percent. Number who favor a healthcare law that does less: 10 percent.

In short, 62 percent favor either the current law or a new law that is more to the liking of liberals, while only 36 percent favor repeal or a new law more to the liking of conservatives.

This is why House Republicans fear and dread any Democratic amendments to the bill that would allegedly repeal the healthcare law. They see the numbers that I post here, as reported by AP. If the AP polls are right, the liberals are winning the healthcare debate.

The right can run, but they can't hide, and I can't wait for 2012.