Team Obama may be cheering now, just after the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate, but the political problems for the president and congressional Democrats has just grown tenfold.
That such a monumental change to American life and liberty was imposed with no Republican votes with President Obama repeatedly denying that his government takeover of one-sixth of our economy was NOT a tax, and to be caught in that blatant and purposeful lie, will damage him severely. The president told us one thing, then told the Supreme Court quite another story in order to win his case. The SCOTUS upheld the individual mandate because Obama's lawyer argued that it was, in fact, a tax!


Aside from energizing a GOP base and the Tea Party that James Carville gleefully claimed as "dead,” the law will be repealed, congressional Democrats have to tap-dance around the issue to save their own hides and finally — and significantly — the president will have to explain to voters the Big Lie on the ObamaCare tax.