Healthcare costs are escalating dramatically under ObamaCare simply because there is a lot more to government-mandated healthcare than meets the eye. This is why the bill required more than 2,000 pages. As those pages unfold, more requirements are uncovered, which have financial consequences.

A fair and honest reading of the bill, which has occurred in almost no cases, demonstrates that it is more about tremendous expansion of government bureaucracy than it is about healthcare reform. For example, if government controls healthcare, there will be no competition to keep prices affordable for the American people. People will not have the ability to be smart consumers with their healthcare and providers will not be able to compete to keep costs low when the vast majority of expenses are paid for by government programs. There will also be no choice in how treatment is administered.

If a person wants a treatment or does not want a treatment, the doctors can only provide treatment that the government is able to afford or fits the standard of treatment that fits the government rather than the patient.


If it were truly about healthcare reform, it would have addressed the many inefficient aspects of healthcare delivery not found in most other countries.

We can only hope that the future will give us true healthcare reform and not just more empowerment and growth for an inefficient governmental system.