ObamaCare is imploding — what are Republicans going to do about it?

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The time of reckoning conservatives predicted would come for ObamaCare is finally here — just in time for the election.

Most states now face double-digit premium hikes. The skyrocketing costs are hitting millennials — an important Democrat voting bloc — particularly hard. Hillary Clinton is afraid to talk about ObamaCare. Americans are rejecting this healthcare scheme foisted upon them more than at any other time.

ObamaCare’s implosion is maddeningly depressing for the country, especially for those of us who saw it coming. But it is also a grand political a gift for conservatives. It’s an October surprise of epic proportions that has landed in the GOP’s lap at the most opportune time imaginable.

So what do Republicans plan to do about it? Given the party’s dismal track record on ObamaCare, that’s unfortunately an open question.

The greatest tragedy is, Republicans could have already done something about it.

Republicans promised for three consecutive cycles — 2010, 2012 and 2014 — to repeal and replace this horrid law. Do you remember the promises of “root and branch,” “by any means necessary,” and “We’re not backing down from this fight!”? They won the House back with those promises. The GOP also won the Senate with those same promises.

Republicans could have used their power of the purse and defunded the god-forsaken thing, like they said they would and voters clamored for. Republicans could have used Reconciliation, as they promised. 

They could have spared countless Americans from their current woes forced on them by this administration and his party.

Instead, Republicans surrendered and punted. It’s what they always do.

And now ObamaCare has gone from bad to worse. In addition to the premium hikes, insurance companies are bailing from the exchanges. Even Democrat governors are admitting ObamaCare is broken.  Earlier this month, Bill Clinton even called ObamaCare “the craziest thing in the world.”  

The challenge now for the GOP is getting voters to believe that Donald Trump and a Republican Congress will follow through on their promises — something that congressional Republicans have broken, repeatedly and routinely. Trump could have been on his way to landslide victory if voters actually believed the Republican Party would honor its constitutionally mandated authority to be good stewards of taxpayer resources.

Political failure on this front this time could leave us with an alternative that is even worse than our current dilemma. Think about it: What will happen, if or when, a major company like Blue Cross/Blue Shield breaks away from ObamaCare? What will happen, if or when, this top-heavy monstrosity finally collapses — will there be a single-payer system left in its wake?

We know President Obama and Hillary Clinton are banking on it. We know that’s what the Left wanted all along. And if a socialist-style, single payer system becomes a reality in the United States, Republicans will have no one but themselves to blame. 

What will it take for Republicans to get their act together?

Imagine if GOP leadership were messaging in concert today with Donald Trump on ObamaCare’s skyrocketing premium hikes. Imagine that together they were outlining for voters exactly when and how a Republican Congress and Republican President will finally repeal and replace this disaster policy.

The Republican primaries are long over. GOP voters chose Mr. Trump. The party has not only the White House to potentially gain, but just as crucial, a House and Senate to retain.

Proactively prosecuting ObamaCare is a no-brainer political move in an election where Republicans have had to play defense nearly the entire time, against one of the weakest Democratic presidential opponents in modern political history.  The unforgiving backlash from Republicans, unified with their presidential nominee, should be keeping Hillary Clinton awake at night.

A sycophantic media will try to absolve Democrats of ObamaCare’s failure.

But the implosion of ObamaCare can be the Democrats’ worst nightmare during this home stretch to Election Day, if and only if Republicans get on offense with their nominee.

David Bozell is President of ForAmerica, a 9-million member conservative grassroots issue-advocacy organization dedicated to using social media to advance freedom, prosperity, and virtue in all public policy debates. You can learn more at

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