When the left starts complaining about vocal voters attending town hall meetings on healthcare reform held by their Democrat elected officials, it's clear those voters are doing something right. And the Democrats are doing something wrong. (Rachel Maddow actually referred to voters speaking out as "hooliganism.")

When elected officials actually consider holding "invitation-only" town hall meetings, as is the case with Sen. Ben CardinBenjamin (Ben) Louis CardinCongress passes bill to begin scenic byways renaissance GOP lawmaker: 'Dangerous' abuse of Interpol by Russia, China, Venezuela Senators pressure Trump to help end humanitarian crisis in Kashmir MORE (D-Md.), one wonders how long the left-wing media can get away with claiming there is something "wrong" with the regular people attending an open town hall meeting, rather than questioning Cardin and other elected officials afraid to hear from their own constituents.

A quick look at any recent poll should quell any suspicion that it is only a vocal minority, or a right-wing sliver of the population who are deeply and profoundly concerned about the cost of the bill(s), the government involvement, the likely reduced access, timeliness and quality of care. With Democrats operating behind closed doors and President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaObama meets with Greta Thunberg: 'One of our planet's greatest advocates' Trump: Cokie Roberts 'never treated me nicely' but 'was a professional' Obama, Bush among those paying tribute to Cokie Roberts: 'A trailblazing figure' MORE in a frantic rush to ram massive healthcare reform through the process before too many people become familiar with the basics and the details, it should not be any surprise that Americans became concerned.

But the real backlash on the horizon is how America will respond to the elite liberal mainstream media's mocking, chastising and misrepresenting those citizens exercising their rights, taking an active interest in matters and actually bothering to show up to speak to their elected officials.

The left far prefers voter apathy — they can get way with so much more when the public isn't paying attention.

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