“I think it’s been a mistake for anyone to say this has been a manufactured effort on the part of many of these folks shouting out. … This is real. It’s grass roots. Now they’re organizing, but that’s what we do in America. People do it on the left. People do it on the right. Most of the people, frankly, in the middle don’t, and that’s where I’m trying to stay focused."

A surprising admission from Sen. Claire McCaskillClaire Conner McCaskillTrump nominees meet fiercest opposition from Warren, Sanders, Gillibrand Feds allow campaigns to accept discounted cybersecurity services GOP frets over nightmare scenario for Senate primaries MORE (D-Mo.) to Bill O'Reilly on Fox News last evening.

With the left desperately attempting to label the town hall attendees who oppose ObamaCare as "fringe" players — or even dangerous radicals — as a way to marginalize the impact, significance and influence these voters have with their elected officials, McCaskill is rejecting the left's orders to engage in the name-calling. The faux outrage on the left over the "rude" behavior of town hall attendees who dare to question what the elite left in Washington have in store for them against their will is backfiring. Especially since it was this same crowd on the left who were the architects of the anti-war demonstrations during the Bush administration. Remember those?

While Rachel Maddow on MSNBC ridiculously tries to compare the average Americans exercising their free speech rights and democracy to abortion doctor-killers, you can almost hear the sound of reasonable Democrats peeling away from what is increasingly a desperate and even disturbing elite extreme liberal fringe puppeteering the already dwindling ranks of the left. I suspect there are some intense phone calls and meetings today among Democratic leaders and others on the far left negotiating walking back on what was quite obviously a coordinated but stupid strategy.

Sen. McCaskill's Democratic colleagues in the House and Senate would be well-advised to mimic her tone, rather than Maddow, Paul Begala, Nancy Pelosi, et al. Maddow is looking for ratings and credibility. McCaskill is looking toward reelection. Smart politicians know the difference.

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