Now, just hours before his do-or-die healthcare reform speech before a Congress that is also battered by constituent opposition to ObamaCare, the president's overall disapproval rating is at 49 percent, up from 43 percent in July, according to a new Associated Press poll. Fifty-two percent of those polled disapprove of his healthcare plan and the way he has handled selling it to the nation.
So what tack will the embattled president take tonight in his speech? Will he be the earnest Harvard guy, making his best arguments for his legislative initiative, illustrating that he truly believes that this will pass or go down in defeat based on merit — and keep that attitude if it fails? Or will he resort to the usual Democrat tactics of playing the victim of politics, slamming Republicans and other opponents of the bill and employing his very best Saul Alinsky scorched-earth methods, designed to shout down all opposing voices?
Attempting to blame Republicans, Fox News, talk radio, the stupidity of the average American or "special interest groups" for the low level of public support for his healthcare scheme when he has not invited congressional Republicans to meet with him on healthcare since way back in April is a hard sell, not to mention just plain whiny and weak. Obama walks a fine line in his speech to Congress and the American people tonight. Cross the line, however, and he may find he cannot walk back from the mistake.