I have refrained until now from being overly critical of the Obama administration as it completes its early days in office. Back in 2001, I remember, it took us a few months to get the kinks out and streamline our operations in the Bush administration, so I’ve afforded Obama’s team a certain level of professional courtesy.

Now, however, I’m wondering if they have any idea what steps must be taken to secure the country from those who seek to harm us. Lost in the discussion of the stimulus bill, the pork-laden omnibus bill and President Obama’s new budget is the lack of focus on national security issues. Why is the president seeking to cut funding to the military when every other domestic pork project seems to prosper under his watch?

No, what really got my ire this morning was a report of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and her discussion with German periodical Der Spiegel regarding the war on terrorism.

In the interview, the secretary of Homeland Security was asked whether the war against Islamist terrorists was over. She said that there was still a threat but that the administration was seeking to prevent “man-caused disasters.”

Man-caused disasters? Does this administration understand that terrorists don’t care what we call them — they only seek to kill us? A terrorist attack is just that — why sugarcoat that reality? Does the secretary suppose that if we seek to avert man-caused disasters, that will somehow lessen their resolve to kill us? Would the secretary classify the Sept. 11 attacks as a “man-caused disaster”?

So now we have an administration that refuses to believe we’re at war with terrorists, refuses to call terrorists captured on the battlefield enemy combatants, has decided to close covert CIA detention facilities and has vowed to close the Guantánamo Bay detention center.

Can anyone articulate one single action the Obama administration has taken to make us safer rather than more vulnerable to a terrorist attack?

I feel safer now, don’t you?

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