Yet the consistency of his blatant denial of the truth is becoming less perplexing, as repetition tends to reveal the strategy. His Homeland Security Department has yet to issue any sort of security alert, despite the obvious activity by security personnel in Washington, D.C., New York and elsewhere that may be considered a potential or likely target after yesterday's attack in Boston.


After the disgraceful display of political expediency on the part of Obama and his minions after the deadly Benghazi terrorist attacks in Libya just before the presidential election — where it was clear Obama wanted to be able to preserve a talking point claiming there were no terrorist attacks on U.S. interest on his watch — we see the sloppy, not-so-fancy footwork in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Leftist sympathizer Matthews on MSNBC attempted to link the Boston terrorist bombing to the Tea Party, as did other Obama cohorts. Obama has been reluctant to admit it was terrorism because he then may actually have to act and be accountable. Obama adviser Axelrod tried to link it to Obama opponents who are angry on Tax Day that Obama raised their taxes.

The dangerous and deceitful pattern of denying terrorism, whether foreign or domestic, has its roots in the very roots of the Obama rise from obscurity and a 10-minute political career to the highest post in the nation with literally no achievements to warrant the job.

Obama friend, autobiographer and one of a handful of people who helped launch his career at a Chicago fundraiser in his home (by his own admission),is also a terrorist. So you can imagine how awkward this must be for Obama, Axelrod and others to be forthcoming with the American people on when we have been a victim of terrorism.

Ayers is a founder of the Weather Underground radical organization in the late 1960s that was responsible for bombings at the New York City police headquarters, a San Francisco police station, the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon. Obama merely claimed Ayers was someone who engaged in "detestable acts."

The president finally called yesterday's bombings "acts of terror." I guess it took him a full day to decide between "acts of terror" and "detestable acts"